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SELL&SIGN history

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One of them, was coding from the age of 9: Alexandre Mermod. He was creating video games for his little brother. He was rewarded at the age of 14 in two software contests.

The other one, Sébastien Bassompierre, was a fan of Richie's room in the series "Les petits génies". His first computer? A MO5 bought at a discount: 500 Francs! When his friends wanted to play, he preferred to code.

After a few years working in Silicon Valley, Alexandre moved to Provence. When he joined the company where Sébastien worked, the agreement is immediate. In 2007, they created a software publishing company, Calinda Software, and in 2014, they created the intelligent electronic signature solution SELL&SIGN.

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With SELL&SIGN, the two friends wanted to give a boost to companies that are going digital and are looking for more compliance to accelerate their business. SELL&SIGN is the all-in-one e-signature solution for all documents requiring legal value.

What sets SELL&SIGN apart from its competitors:

  • An offline mode that allows you to sign documents face-to-face, even when the Internet connection is down
  • Variable fields to be customized called Smartfields®, which are automatically inserted into the documents to make their configuration faster
  • The complete and tailor-made integration of contracts and their own rules for a personalised signature workflow

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It's very simple. (Take a deep breath) We are looking for curious, dynamic, optimistic, creative, caring, autonomous, risk-takers, generous, reliable, careful, tolerant, responsible... Good human beings in short!

Where we aren't looking is on the gender, origin, age or color of your sneakers. As our friend Kurt and Ron used to say, come as you are.

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We are open and friendly, completely eclectic: everyone is welcome! As an active bunch, we do workouts together regularly, that is, when we don't prefer meeting around a beer or a pasta dish. Legend has it that we're better at fork lifting than running... 

We have to admit that we're pretty geeky, right? So, during coffee, tea, croissants and cookies break, you'll hear more often about a motherboard than about Bonne Mère; however, we are nerds with a big heart, open to the outside world. (At the right time)

As the boss, Alexandre is a supporter of "zero paper" and automation, he transmits these values to us day after day. With this in mind, we have learned to work as much as possible, do as little as possible, and always to earn as much as possible. FU-TURE.

Of course, you will be joined in the onboarding process. We will introduce you to each department, where you will spend some time getting to know each other's work. Be prepared, you might feel much awaited and welcome... 😉 At the end of your integration period, we’ll ask you to give us your impression. There's nothing like fresh insights to improve!

Our offices are currently located in the Old Port of Marseille. A dynamic setting with the blue sky, the sea, and seagulls. With that being said, to better welcome you, we're thinking of moving to bigger and even more beautiful offices in the Aix countryside. The sky will still be blue, the provence will replace the sea, and the sparrows will replace the seagulls. Are you coming?

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Spontaneous application

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You can also send us an spontaneous application to, at SELL&SIGN we are always looking for talented people. Happiness is not far away!

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