How to use
the Enterprise Version?

The Enterprise version of SELL&SIGN is an indispensable, premium functionality for your business. Step by step, learn how to configure your space.


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Video tutorial of the Enterprise Version

In this video, discover our complete tutorial on the Enterprise version to configure your personal space in just a few clicks!

How does it work?


1. Login with a License Administrator account

2. In the backoffice of SELL&SIGN, go to the user menu (in the top right) and click on "Parameters"

3. Once you are in the Enterprise administrator area, you will see the number of active user licenses, the total number of your license, and the expiration date of your license.

admin version enterprise sellandsign

You can add new users and assign a roles or search for a user. And most importantly:

  • Manage user rights and perimeters
  • Manage your own perimeters according to your activities
  • Manage your editable columns in the back office

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How do I create or edit a perimeter?

- Click on the "new perimeter" button to create a new perimeter or on the pen icon to the right, to edit an existing perimeter.

admin version enterprise sellandsign périmètre

- Fill in the name of the perimeter and its description (optional)

- Then specify:

1.1. For the users: all users who are part of perimeter A, B or C... will only have access to the list of clients and contract types present in this perimeter. A contract is always attached to a customer. They only see the transactions associated with the customers they can see.

1.2. For the customers: Delimitation of the visibility of the contracts attached to customers according to their perimeters.

Note: When customers were created before the Enterprise release, they do not have a designated scope. It will then be necessary to plan to modify their customer master record before initiating a new contract.

1.3. For the contrat types.

Note: When you create a contract on a customer attached to several perimeters, all users sharing at least one of these perimeters will be able to see this contract.

- Click the "Validate" button

Note: When a customer or a contract template is not associated with any perimeter, it is visible to all.

When a user creates a customers, they inherit all the user's perimeters by default. Users with the "Front user manager" role can change the perimeters associated with customers in the customer master record.

admin version enterprise sellandsign périmètre

What could be better than a practical case by geographical areas to see more clearly! Here’s one coming right up for you: (Remember, segmentation can also be done by service, agency, reseller, etc... according to your business needs.)


- User #1 : Mr. Smith has access to A (New York) and B (California) perimeters
- User #2:  Mrs. Jones has access to A (New York) and C (Texas) perimeters


- The customer, Mr. Miller is attached to perimeter B (California)
- The customer Mrs. Brown is attached to perimeter C (Texas)

Contract types:

- The "studio" sales mandate is available on all perimeters (A,B,C)
- The "with swimming pool" sale mandate is only available in the B (California) area
- The "Farmhouse" sale mandate is only available in the C (Texas) area

—> The user #1 of SELL&SIGN, Mr. Smith will only see the customer Mr. Miller and the contract type sales mandate "with swimming pool" present in perimeter B (California) and the sales mandate "studio" present in all the perimeters.

—> The user #2 of SELL&SIGN, Mrs. Jones will only see the customer Mrs. Brown and the contract type sales mandate "with farmhouse" present in the C perimeters (Texas) and the sales mandate "studio" present in all the perimeters.


When needed, you can always consult the SELL&SIGN Help Center open a ticket with the Support Team. They will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.