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Our product team is constantly brainstorming to improve the SELL&SIGN Solution for you. Discover all the features the SELL&SIGN digital signature solution has to offer, specially designed to simplify document signing and speed up your business.


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Business, User & Data-Centric Features

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At SELL&SIGN we put business, your business industry, and data at the center of what we do. We have developed powerful features that will allow you to analyze, decide, and act efficiently in all situations.


The offline mode of the SELL&SIGN solution opens up the possibility to have your documents signed anywhere, even without a network (wifi, 3G, 4G).

The signed documents then go directly to your dashboard as soon as a network connection is available!

The sky is the limit
with the Enterprise Version

Setting up your contractual activity according to defined perimeters (by document model, sector, geographical areas, business units, agency, or by resellers, etc.) is possible with the Enterprise Version of SELL&SIGN.

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Document Collection

With document collection, you can have your documents signed without having all the necessary elements.

This gives the signatory the opportunity to provide supporting documents and other annexes later on before signing the contract.

Your documents become intelligent
with Smartfields®

Insert Smartfields®, or customizable fields, in all documents that you entrust to SELL&SIGN for signature.
And take advantage of the full potential and value of your data.

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The more the merrier,
with multi-signature campaigns

Get a large number of contracts and documents signed by different customers automatically, in 1 click. Easy!

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100% ecological, 100% economical

Trips for signatures, printing, paper, envelopes, postage stamps, storage.. is all OV-ER! With the SELL&SIGN solution, you make a big gesture for the environment and your budget.

Use our ROI Calculator to estimate your savings!

Golden customer support

In a dedicated customer area, you will find the SELL&SIGN knowledge base, practical advice, and video tutorials. You can also ask our experts your questions by opening a support ticket.
99% of our customers are satisfied! We're here to help you.

Consult our Frequently Asked Questions.

SELL&SIGN is simple, flexible, adaptable & mobile

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We like it when it's easy here at SELL&SIGN- That's why we offer native features that will save you loads of time.

Merge PDFs

Have several documents signed in one file and consent effort for the customer(s)
= joint legal evidentiary record.

Bundle of documents

Have customer(s) sign several documents in a single consent effort
= independent legal evidence records.

I want you back

The data contained in signed documents is automatically uploaded to your Information System via Call Back.

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Contract Dashboard
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Keep an eye over your contract activity with the solution's contract dashboard. Everything is centralized and accessible from anywhere, anytime!

To each his own role

Establish role levels according to the user profile in the SELL&SIGN solution.

Contract life cycle

In one glance, keep track of all your contract activity in real time.
Who's been looking? Who signed? And quickly follow up after the contracts that are awaiting a signature.

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Real-time notifications

As soon as a customer signs a document, you immediately receive an email notification.

Sharing and exchange

In a secure area, your customers easily find the documents they have signed with you.
And thanks to the collaborative features of the solution, you can communicate with them at anytime.

Safety and agility above all
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SELL&SIGN, the intelligent electronic signature solution, is secure. We comply with European rules and standards.

Signature validity guaranteed with GENERALI

The validity of signatures is guaranteed throughout Europe with the GENERALI legal protection insurance. It is included in all SELL&SIGN offers at no extra charge. Wow!

We love GDPR

At SELL&SIGN, we don't joke around about the security of personal data. We rigorously apply the General Data Protection Regulations, and data is stored in European territory.

24/7 Service Commitment

The Service Level Agreement, or SLA of SELL&SIGN commits to make the Solution available day and night. We are ISO 27001 certified for hosting, and our data centers are located in different European cities.
We also have HDS accreditation, which authorizes the hosting of health data. It's super safe!

Trustworthy third parties

In order to confer probative legal value on your transactions, we have selected a solid, recognized and trusted third party: DOCAPOSTE, a subsidiary of the La Poste Group.

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eIDAS compliant

The SELL&SIGN Solution is certified according to the European eIDAS regulations.

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Multi-device, multi-platform, multi-browsers

The solution is available on all environments: iOs, Android, Windows & web. All devices: Smartphone, Tablet, Computer. And compatible on all browsers. That says it all.

REST mode

or simplicity and uniformity.

SELL&SIGN, a SaaS solution

SELL&SIGN is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. Accessible online, and no installation is required. You can use it from anywhere, anytime.

Easy integration via API

Easily integrate the solution into your business tools and processes. SELL&SIGN becomes an important link in the chain.

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