How to get your documents signed on a tablet?

Wanting to speed up your sales?

Lighten up the load of documents your employees carry?

Reduce administrative burden and manual entry?

Improve selling on the field?


signer sur tablette

Let's revolutionize the business process together!

  • Digitize your commercial brochures and paper contracts

    Your employees on the field will be able to present and sign all the documents they want using their tablet, computer, or smartphone- even outside of network coverage!

  • Eliminate error-prone manual entries

    The application integrates with your business tools. All your data is digitized and saved automatically. Your team can concentrate on the essentials and get rid of the burden of manual entry.

  • Manage your contractual activity remotely

    Signed contracts are automatically forwarded to your administrative services. You have a real-time view of your remote contract activity. You can manage and validate these documents even from thousands of miles away.

  • With or without a network, you can have your contracts signed on a tablet or smartphone

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How does it work?

  • Agents access the customer database

    All the contacts are ready at hand and the customer database is enriched as soon as an agent modifies or creates a new contact.

  • They present their offer(s)

    SELL&SIGN's sales support tool allows sales agents to present their contracts to customers with or without a network with SELL&SIGN's OFFLINE mode.

  • They present the options to their customers

    Contracts that contain options are presented by the agent through a personalized customer path.

  • They attach the photos to the deed

    In order to give a strong legal value, the agents add the photos of the supporting documents they need to the contract.

  • They let their customers sign the deed

    The customer can sign the contract directly on the tablet or choose to sign it later by email.

  • The contract instantly goes back to the headquarters for validation

    As soon as the network connection is re-established, the contract is synchronized. The contract dashboard allows people back at the headquarters to see the contracts signed in the field in real time and check that they have been validated, all in one click.

SELL&SIGN can help you in your daily like

  • Accelerate your business
  • Integrate the solution into your own Information System
  • Improve your conversion rate
  • Get your distributor agreements, distribution contracts, partnerships, service provision, subscription forms, SEPA mandates, certificates, informed consents, examination results, general conditions of sale signed face to face, from a distance, or online
  • ensure the conformity and legal validity of documents
  • collect supporting documents and consent from your customers
  • save time in the administrative management of your documents
  • drive action in the field
  • save money on paper, printing, etc.
  • improve your brand image
  • use the data in your contracts in the future

Success Story : Laboratoire Bioderma

LABORATOIRE BIODERMA belongs to the top trio in the cosmetics market. The sales and IT departments have decided to set up SELL&SIGN to let their customers to sign on a tablet. Thanks to our application, the pharmaceutical representatives present the different contracts and let the clients choose the options when they sign directly on the tablet, either in connected or disconnected (offline) mode.

The head office follow-up the activity of the sales representatives in real time, and the signed documents are legally archived in a digital safe for several years.

SELL&SIGN users quickly adopted the application: 'A new, convenient application that is faster and more fun. With this new system I save time in my visits!'

"We have completely optimized and automated administrative processes by having all out contracts signed on a tablet with SELL & SIGN." Mr. Pascal Boucherie - DSI @Laboratoire Bioderma



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