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In the FAQ, you will find answers to commonly asked questions.

Questions about electronic signatures?


Questions about legal issues?


Questions about the SELL&SIGN solution?


Questions about how it works?



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Your questions, our answers!

In the FAQ, you will find answers to commonly asked questions.



Questions about electronic signatures?

▸ What are the advantages of electronic signatures?

Increase productivity and flexibility
We can’t repeat it enough, you’ll save a considerable amount of time with electronic signatures- both in preparing documents and simplifying processes and administrative management. A real solution that helps you focus on the essential: your business.
Modernize your image (and that of your profession)
Undoubtedly, as a part of the environmental, eco-responsible movement, you will be viewed as a more modern company with electronic signatures. In the digital age, your customers will be happily surprised with the unique signing experience.
Financial gain
In addition to the other benefits, you will also be able to take advantage of financial savings. Imagine a world of zero paper, no more printing, ink cartridges, envelopes, stamps. Forget document storage and traveling to get a contract signed, etc…
Compliance and security
With electronic signatures, you guarantee the conformity of your signed documents and their legal value. They are sealed, time-stamped, and traceable. Your security above all. The data used with SELL&SIGN is stored in Europe.
We love GDPR and the GDPR loves us.

▸ Does paper cost more than electronic signatures?

Really!? The answer is definitely yes. Let’s imagine together the savings made possible with electronic signature (cost reductions from printer, paper, ink, postage stamps, envelopes, fuel…). Did you know that the average office worker uses 36 to 48kg of paper per year?
Electronic signatures are far more advantageous, economical and eco-responsible!

▸ Do I need a big budget to start electronic signatures in my company?

SELL&SIGN costs much less than in-house development. We also have very competitive rates adapted to your needs.

▸ Will electronic signatures really help me accelerate my business?

Absolutely. SELL&SIGN allows you to get your documents signed instantly and save processing, sending and receiving time. Not to mention all the time saved validating signed contracts in the back office. Or the cost of printing, stamps, envelopes…. Sans parler des frais d’impression, timbres, enveloppes…
Please contact our sales team to estimate the savings you will generate using our ROI calculator!
A real savings of time and money!

▸ Are electronic signatures adapted for all industries?

Of course. Electronic signatures make it easy for any and all sectors to start their digitization process.
Whether it be real estate, construction, insurance, le pharmaceuticals, or many others- They have all adopted SELL&SIGN quickly and easily. 
Discover customer testimonials that use SELL&SIGN for their activity on a daily basis.

▸ Can I try SELL&SIGN for free?

Yes! You can test the SELL&SIGN solution for FREE for 7 days! 
or you can book a personalized demo with an expert. We are looking forward to it.

Questions about legal issues?

▸ Are documents signed with SELL&SIGN legally binding?

Yes, SELL&SIGN guarantees the legal and probative value as well as the conformity of the signed documents with the solution. The delegated signature is validated by a qualified certificate according to the criteria set by the law n°2000-230 of March 13, 2000 and the decree of July 26, 2004, as well as by the eIDAS regulation and the decree 2017-1416 of September 28, 2017.

Certificate taken from a certification authority certified by ANSSI
Signature by a qualified trusted third party DOCAPOSTE/Certinomis
Time stamping from a certified third party time stamping company
Generation of an evidence file
Archiving in a digital safe for evidentiary purposes (optional) entrusted to CDC Arkhinéo

▸ How are documents archived with SELL&SIGN?

At no extra cost, SELL&SIGN systematically includes an archiving system in every SELL&SIGN offer that allows you to store your signed documents in an electronic safe belonging to DOCAPOSTE, our trusted third party for certification, time-stamping and archiving.

As another option, archiving can also be entrusted to CDC Arkhineo, a subsidiary of the Deposit and Consignment office.

You can also save and keep all documents signed with SELL&SIGN on your own server which will allow you to access them freely at any time.

Questions about the SELL&SIGN solution?

▸ What devices can we use with SELL&SIGN?

SELL&SIGN is compatible with all devices (computer, tablet, smartphone).

▸ Do my customers need any specific software or material to sign their documents?

Your customers don’t need any software to sign documents. They just need a computer to be able to sign the remote contract. Or if they are in your company, they can sign the document directly on their 64-bit devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

▸ Is SELL&SIGN compatible with all environments and browsers?

The solution is available on all environments (iOS, Windows, Android, and web:

and is compatible with all browsers. Here are the system requirements:

Firefox: all recent versions
Chrome: all recent versions
Safari: all recent versions
Internet Explorer 9 or more for signing simple contracts or PDFs, without data collection or appendices
Internet Explorer 11 for the signing contracts with forms, collection, or underwriters

iOS Apps
iOS version 9.2 or more recent
Android Apps
Android version 5.0 or more recent
Windows Apps
Apps compatible with Windows 8.1.10 or more recent

▸ Does SELL&SIGN require installation effort to be put in place?

No. SELL&SIGN is an application that can be installed on all platforms within a few seconds. Or you can easily access it by connecting to your SELL&SIGN account on the Cloud.

▸ Do I need an added management system on top of SELL&SIGN?

No. Even if your teams are in the field, SELL&SIGN allows you to manage and control your activity remotely with the contract dashboard (or back office) that is available to you.

▸ What are the features of SELL&SIGN?

The intelligent electronic signature SELL&SIGN solution comes with many native features.
Such as the ability to send documents to multiple signatories, the personalization of your documents with Smartfields® and grouped reminders with a single click…
We’ll let you discover the other features here.

Questions about how it works?

▸ After ordering, how long is it until I can be up and running with SELL&SIGN?

The SELL&SIGN application is available in a few days, just the amount of time it takes to create your electronic certificate and legal archiving safe with our trusted third party.

▸ How long does it take for contracts sent for signature to come back?


▸ As a manager, will I have a view of the activity of my agents on the ground?

Absolutely. SELL&SIGN allows you to have a real-time view over all the transactions made by your teams in the field. You also have the possibility to manage these transactions by countersigning and/or validating them.

▸ Can I segment contractual activity according to defined parameters?

Yes. Each client, like each contract template, can be associated with one or more parameters, to be visible only to the application users who have access to at least one of these parameters.
This powerful mechanism allows you to manage any segmentation of your activity, by sales representatives, sectors, geographical zones, or even a network of intermediaries each having access to their own clientele, all while providing you complete supervision of the contractual activity.
The Enterprise Version is a premium feature of the solution.

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Access our online help platform and get assistance by opening a support ticket or consulting the support articles. We are here to help you!

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