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To give transactions done with SELL&SIGN a probative legal value, we have selected a reliable and solid trusted third party for you: DOCAPOSTE, a subsidiary of the La Poste Group.

  • La Poste Group, a powerful long-lasting player
  • €522 Million of turnover in 2018
  • Over 30 years of experience in document management
  • Secure data centers installed in France
  • Accredited as a Third Party - FNTC (National Federation of Trusted Third Parties)
  • Certification Authority, Time-Stamping Authority, Archiving Authority

They choose to trust DOCAPOSTE:

What is a trusted third party?

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SELL&SIGN, our digital signature business solution, can be accompanied by a legally valid electronic signature, if needed.

In order for an electronic signature to be legally recognized as "reliable" in the event of a dispute, a trusted third party is required. These trusted third parties must meet the requirements established by the ANSSI (National Agency of Security and Information Systems) and must enable the contract to be legally binding on the signatory by means of evidence recognized by a judge in court.

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What is the legal value of electronic signatures?

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Did you know that laws, decrees and regulations have been issued on electronic signatures since 1999?

Article 1367 of the Civil Code, which has replaced article 1316-4 since 2016 created by law n°2000-230 of 13 March 2000 - art. 4 JORF 14 March 2000, defines the signature and establishes the equivalence between a handwritten signature and an electronic signature under certain conditions: "when it [the signature] is electronic, it consists of the use of a reliable identification process guaranteeing its link with the act to which it is attached.”

Under French law, the signature is therefore defined by reference to the technical process used to sign.
In view of the definition given above, all electronic signatures are admissible in court from the moment they ensure, by means of a reliable process, the identification of the signatory and the guarantee of the signed act.

What are the conditions of reliability for electronic signatures?
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In order for the electronic signature to be considered reliable, it must meet the following 3 cumulative conditions laid down by Decree No. 2001-272 of March 30, 2001:

  1. Electronic signatures are secure, meaning:
    • They are specific to the signatory
    • They are created in such a way that the signatory can retain sole control over it
    • They guarantee a link with the act to which it relates, such that any subsequent changes to the data can be detected
  2. Electronic Signatures are established through a secure electronic signature creation device.
  3. A qualified certificate verifies the authenticity of the signature.


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