API: Signatory follow-up

It is possible to re-send mail to signatories who sign remotely. The signatory will receive an email identical to the first one sent to him.
The method that allows this reminder is "animateContractorsForContract" the call is made in POST and waits for JSON.

Following-up with a Signatory

The method to use to re-contact one or more signatories.



{"contract_id": "id_contract", "contractors": [contractors_id_list], "all": false}
  • id_contract: contract identifier
  • contractors_id_list: list of signatory identifiers (parameter ID and non-contractor_id of each element), Know the signatory identifier of my contract
  • all: set false to re-send mail to all signers in the list contractors_id_list


{"contract_id": "95", "contractors": ["77"], "all": false}