API: Definition of Signatories

Once you have the customer number you are going to work on, you can define the signatory or signatories who will take part in the electronic signature transaction:

  1. Find or create the signatories
  2. Link them to the current contract

Find or create signatories

  • Required parameters:

    • customer_number: customer number (see the previous step)
    • id: signatory identifier (-1 to create it)
    • title: title of the signatory (possible values: Mr., Mrs., etc..)
    • firstname: signatory’s first name (only letters, numbers, (‘), (-) and spaces are accepted)
    • lastname: last name of the signatory (only letters, numbers, (‘), (-) and spaces are accepted)
    • email: signatory’s email
    • address_1: 1 line of the address
    • postal_code: ZIP code (usually 5 numbers)
    • city: city
    • country: country (ISO 3166 alpha-2 country code or UN M.49 numeric-3 area code)
    • cell_phone: cell phone number (numbers only, prefix ‘+’ allowed)
  • Optional parameters: 
    (must be in the http get query but accept an empty value)

    • phone: signatory’s phone
    • address_2: 2nd part of address
    • company_name: company name
    • is_default:true if this is the default signatory for the customer, otherwise false
    • job_title: job fonction
    • registration_number: company registration number
    • birthdate: contact’s birth date
    • birthplace: contact’s place of birth
    • category: role
    • localisation: Language of the signatory such as ‘en_US’, ‘fr_FR’, ‘es_ES’ or ‘de_DE’

When a signatory creation is requested and the firstname, lastname, email and customer_number attributes are identical to those of another signatory, then the creation is not performed and the function returns the ID of the signatory found.



&company_name=&registration_number=&address_2=&phone=&job_title=&birthdate=&birthplace=&is_default=true&category=&j_token=[your authentication token]

Defining of the method of signature of the signatories

The manner in which signatories sign may vary from one contract to another. It will therefore be defined in the next step: Creating the contract to be signed!

Find the list of signatories associated with a client

For a given client, you can also retrieve the list of signatories associated with that client using the getContractorsFor method:

https://[host]/calinda/hub/selling/model/contractor/read?action=getContractorsFor&number=][customer number]&offset=0&size=100

(the offset and size parameters can allow you to page through large amounts of data)