API: Customer Creation

SELL & SIGN associates signatories and transactions with a third party, the Customer.

To create or update a customer, you can use the selectOrCreateCustomer method of the Customer class. The number field is the unique key to designate a customer. We do not propose any way to generate it. If the submitted key already exists, then the corresponding customer will be updated according to the data received. In any case, the function returns the final data of the customer.

This method is to be used in the form of an HTTP POST:

  • Mandatory Parameters:

    • number: unique number of new or existing customer
    • civility: title/salutation of the person (Mr., Mrs., etc.)
    • firstname: first name of the contact
    • lastname: last name of the contact
    • email: contact’s email
    • cell_phone: contact’s cell phone number
    • address_1: first line of address
    • postal_code: ZIP code
    • city: city
    • country: country (ISO 3166 alpha-2 country code or UN M.49 numeric-3 area code)
    • customer_code: your mnemonic customer code
  • Optional Parameters: 
    (must appear in the http get method but accept an empty value)

    • company_name: company
    • registration_number: company registration number
    • address_2: second line of address
    • phone: contact’s phone number
    • job_title: contact’s job title
    • birthdate: contact’s birth date
    • birthplace: contact’s place of birth

Warning: To pass elements as URLs, they must be URL-encoded. For example, the string sales@calindasoftware.com becomes sales%40calindasoftware.com. If needed, here is an online service to encode a URL string.


https://cloud.sellandsign.com/calinda/hub/selling/model/customer/update?action=selectOrCreateCustomer&number=AM201603021055&customer_code=SIRET123&company_name=CUSTOMER&registration_number=SIRET123&address_1=A&address_2=B&postal_code=13100&city=PARIS&country=FR&civility=MONSIEUR&firstname=Bernard&lastname=Sanders&email=test%40calinda.fr&cell_phone=01234567890&phone=01234567890&job_title=Director&birthdate=&birthplace=&j_token=[your authentication token]



Find an existing customer by their number

If you know that your customer already exists in SELL&SIGN and have their customer number, you can check their information simply by the getCustomer method:

https://[host]/calinda/hub/selling/model/customer/read?action=getCustomer&number=[customer number]

For a given client, you can also find the list of signatories associated with this client using the getContractorsFor method:

https://[host]/calinda/hub/selling/model/contractor/read?action=getContractorsFor&number=[customer number]&offset=0&size=100

The offset and size parameters can allow you to format large amounts of data.

Add business properties to customer records

It is possible to add free fields (properties) associated with your business. With your unique customer number, you can retrieve or assign values on free fields.

  1. Retrieve specific properties of a customer
  2. Create or modify the value of a free field Customer

Find out in detail how to manage these properties on the page: API: Add Customer-Specific Properties