API: Close a transaction

A contract that has been signed by all the defined signatories must be closed in order to mark the approval of the contract by the 'supplier' party. The purpose of this action will be to seal the contract and make it immutable and valid by all parties.


This call is made with a simple GET method.

https://[host]/calinda/hub/selling/do?m=closeTransaction&id=[contract id]

In return, we get a code 200 with a json object containing the effective closing date and the reference of the transaction with the trusted third party.


When an error occurs, the call returns a 500 error with an explanatory message.


To cancel a transaction, you need the contract ID.

Please note: Only contracts that have not yet been archived or validated can be cancelled.

https://[host]/calinda/hub/selling/do?m=cancelContract&id=[contract id]&reason=[a url-encoded text message of why it's abandoned]

You get a code 200 in return.

When an error occurs, the call returns an error 500 with an explanatory message.