About Calinda Software

calinda software logoCalinda Software is the company behind SELL&SIGN, the next generation cloud digital signature and data certification platform.

SELL&SIGN transforms business transactions into powerful and enjoyable user experiences to collect the important business data, build contracts, add appendices and collect legally binding digital signatures to authenticate the data and close the contracts. The secure cloud platform then records the certified documents in a blockchain-like ledger and enables massive automation of business processes based on certified data. The cloud platform also provides advanced collaboration features, a legacy of Calinda Software's expertise in the high performance enterprise collaboration business.

SELL&SIGN is popular in the sales, HR, IT, legal, marketing and operations departments of companies of all sizes in the life science, real estate, distribution, services, insurance and banking sectors in Europe.

Calinda Software was incorporated in 2007 and is headquartered in Marseilles, France.


  • Alex Mermod


  • Alex Rouzotte

    Sales Manager

  • Fanny Bas

    Alliance Manager

  • Rob Boisson


  • Okba H


  • Seb Bassompierre


  • Pascal Bargeon

    Delivery Manager

  • Nick Alcina

    Software Engineer

  • Thomas Carrillo

    Quality Assurance

  • Cilia S

    Project Analyst


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